Saturday, June 28, 2008

Changes in the House of Gallagher

There are some monumentous things right now, even more than I ever expected their would be.

Firstly....we have the second family trip to the Mayan Rivera; this is including everyone in my family basically thats 22 of us and out of the number, seven of us are cousins and are the party children. We leave in two weeks and I am excited and nervous. Why you ask? Well because at times I cannot stand my cousins, especially when they are drunk and I am drunk; 8 days of fun filled family events; and spf 50.

Secondly...myself, my parents and my mom's family will all be meeting my mom's eldest daughter on July 5th, in upstate New York. Yes...Jeanna agreed to visit and finally meet everyone of us. I am super nervous, since she is bringing my niece with her and her husband. Will she except us? Will she like me? How will this go over? SO many questions and I do not know what to do!

Thirdly...I don't feel like myself anymore. I feel like a shell of myself honestly. I need the summer to be over like soon, so I can go back to being the real me and hang out with my girls again. I miss the nights out, none of my other friends wanna do these things, they are like "lets go out and party at a club where YOU will feel uncomfortable" or "Nyahh we should so do nothing and be bored like totally".

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Not exactly sure how life is going tight now. Nor do i know where its gonna take me or who it will introduce me too.
But i do know one thing though, that it will probably be better than the past couple of months I have been having.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thunder Booms, Lighting Skies

Today was 99 degrees by 5:30pm.
And currently at 7:20 it is thunder storming and raining like crazy.
And its 95 degrees also.

Listening to instrumental music like this makes everything more majestic than it is. It also gives me an idea I should really give to my cousin Stephanie. She is a writer and is working her way towards Hollywood. I wish her the best..she is one of my favorite cousins after all.

Also found out some news about one of my good friends, and I am really good friends with him. Its sad and I always find a way to help him out but there is no way i can help him this time and it saddens me this time. I hope he didn't make the mistakes I did. Whatever happens, he will always have my support....he is one of my besties.

Still trying to find work...I am hoping my luck changes soon, and I that i get the job at limited too. I really do want it, I honestly do, it will make traveling from school easier.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

cleverness and beer

Hello again it has been ten days since my last post... and I have officially finished my midterms for the spring semester at CUNY KBCC.
I was able to find out what my Lit grade was for the semester..and not surprisingly it was a C-, but I passed it and I get my four NYAHHH NYAHHH NYAHH to the teacher who told me I was gonna fail.

Now I am just waiting on my European History(took today), my Foundations of Education(took today), my Political Science/American Gov't(took yesterday) and my other Education class(took in May).
Hope to get them soon, so i can see how well I did and to see if I got my 2.75 GPA meaning I am allowed to stay there (HAIL MARY LET ME STAY!!)

Next note is that trying to find a job sucks. I still have yet to hear from KBCC, Aviator Sports Complex and Limited Too and not to mention Dunkin Doughnuts. I just want a summer job that will give me pay, is it truly that hard to hire someone?! Ughh, i am happy that I can at least make money through babysitting and being a mothers helper. I wanna try and be a true au pair. A friend of a friend did it, and made a shit load of money, which is something that I desperately need right now.

meh continue my ranting later..its shower and nap and 2 for 1 burger time!