Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have a few things that I want done to become a studious and dull child to do it I so will do that.
AND what that it is, is to study harder and try to devote atleast 3hrs a day to studying
I am taking 5 classes this semester and each of them are 3.0 credits each meaning that for the Fall Semester 2008 which equals 14 credits. Four of those classes are 3.0 credits and one of them is a 2.0 credit class (none the less, it is still important). And my goal is to pass the semester and maintain almost perfect attendance. My class schedule consists of

Psych 32: Mon, Thurs, Fri- 8 to 9am [Human Growth & Development]
Music 27: Mon, Weds, Thurs- 9:10 to 10:10am [Music of the Worlds People]
Educ 23: Mon, Tues- 10:20am to 11:20am [Music and Movement Workshop]
Ant 37: Mon, Tues, Thursday- 12:40 to 1:40[Intro to Anthropology]
Psych 24: Mon and Weds- 3 to 4:30pm[Psychological Disorders in Young People]

My other is to read 4 non-school books in the span of September 8th till December 18th. This is to make sure that non-school books are to entertain me,make sure I don't go uber-bonkers.
Those books are and not necessarily in this order:
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown
Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis
The Catholic Girl's Guide to Sex by Melinda Anderson, Kathleen Murray and Ali Arnold

And included in this is to lose some excess weight. I will also need to watch CNN & BBCA a bit more often to catch up on the news all over the world (again) because I am returning to Presidential Classroom and I feel I should have to catch up even more.
And I will be devoting some of my blog time to politics and what not, as to look back and refresh things in my head.


Thursday, August 21, 2008


Who doesn't love Saturday Night Live...its such a good an amazing and timely comedy show.
And in that I include the beginning in 1975 till around 2003 since they had the best years in between that, so many that I couldn't choose.

i write this because I am watching 101 Most Unforgetable SNL Moments on E! (Entertainment Channel...yo!!) And Wayne's World is NUMBAH 1!

so many good skits:
Celebrity Jeopardy comes to mind!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Well..today starts the arrival of all the family and friends of the Gallagher's. Why you ask? Its my Uncle's wake and funeral this weekend. It's upsetting to lose him at a young age (was only 53) and that he went so quickly too.It only took about three weeks from when he get bad and than finally, stopped fighting and passed on. All of the immediate family is flying along with all the cousins..and I mean all of the cousins. Thats 21 + 25 + numerous Rockaway-ites that grew up with my family and became super close friends over the years. So we are renting out a very local resturant's upper floor for food after the funeral for those mentioned above only, really keeping it small. I have to say that its times like this that it lucks out to have an uncle who owns a funeral home. On top of that, my cousin was in a serious motorcycle accident but is doing quite well (he has a fractured skull but thats it) and he is coming up to funeral which is really good since he wont be alone than while everyone is here. So its been very very hectic couple of weeks.

Moving on to the next topic:
Finally figured out what my CUNY portal name and password was, so that takes care of alot of things, especially when I have to sign up for my classes for the spring and summer semester next year. I would really like to the winter semester but I can't since I will be attending PRESIDENTIAL CLASSROOM again for the Inauguration of the next President of the United States of America....AND AND I get to see alot of my old Delegate mates from PC: Future World Leaders Summit 2006, which will a great boost. Got a little off topic but back to what I wanted to say about the CUNY Portal thing is that it leads to e-Sims, where i can register and pay my tuition online and all that jazz.

that is all

Friday, August 8, 2008

In life, God only gives us as much trouble as we can handle but sometimes the more he gives us the more he trusts us and it sucks because you can't handle all of it.
And right now thats what my family is going through...proving that no matter what the bond of a family is stronger than anything. I am happy that I can vent on this, knowing that people that I know never check this thing nor do they now It exists.

On to a happier subject: classes will resume very soon and thats exciting for me, since school is lively and gives me a wonderful escape and I will mostly likely need that soon depending on how everything goes. AND all the fabulous people from Adelphi are coming back!!!! Yess.....party time returns oh so soon!!

And to keep updated;
Lets see, according to the news, whats going on:

1)oil prices are going down and the American Dollar value is going up. Wall Street is fluxing but the bad things is that it will go up and go down again until we hit some stability but no one knows what that stability is or will be.

2)Politicians should learn TO KEEP IT IN THE PANTS!!! FUCK THE PRESSURE OF BEING SUPPOSED VICE FREAKING PRESIDENT!!! THAT MEANS YOU JOHN EDWARDS!!! Yea...blame it on pressure that your going through.... and have to tell your wife who is sick with cancer....you fucktard!!! Well no one is getting choose him as a running mate...SO YOUR POLITICAL AMBITIONS ARE RUINED!!

3)Olympics have started yesterday (China is a day ahead of New York). Everything seems to be going so well and I cannot wait to watch everything. But China better get the move on with Human Rights and how to handle the activists without looking like the oppressor and not being a more modern nation. We also opened the newly rebuilt and restored American Embassy in Beijing today.... conveniently Bush is one of the few western Leaders attending the opening ceremony while the other leaders will be attending the Closing ceremonies.

4)Russia invades South Ossetia, which is in Georgia (no the US, but a former Soviet Republic)
South Ossetian's have Russian Passports but Georgian Politicos want it to remain under Georgian Control. We have relations with both countries but we have Military advisor's placed there (and they also have a sizable force of soldiers in Iraq).

Monday, August 4, 2008

wooty woo!

its official! I am on the road to planning my trip to C0MIC-C0N 2OO9!!!

i have been researching everything, including airfare and hotel prices. I am going to plan entirely in advance such as making reservations as early as Dec/Jan. And booking the flight around maybe like Mar/Apr for a very very early flight out of JFK to LAX.

your probably thinking that I am insane for doing everything early but it is a smart idea. So i can see how much this trip is going to cost. I may be doing this alone or I may not...it depends. My mom prefers that I don't go by myself but no one else really knows that I truly live up to the word geek. Its a badge of honor. Think I may ask Barbara if she wants to come?

Friday, August 1, 2008


i know. the headline sucks but whatever, i dont have te ability to make it catchy or eye popping.
this time i have decided that maybe i should just do a review of stuff, so here we go:

Movies: The Dark Knight equals AMAZING. Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale,
and Gary Oldman were incredible as usual. The scenes containing Bale as Batman and Ledger as the Joker are interesting and prove their worth as formidable actors, especially with Ledger's role and how much he took the role into his own. (God Bless His Soul).
On that note: there are rumors are already starting about the third sequel and names are being pulled out of hat. Nolan said he wont bring in Robin(Both the Dick Greyson*Tim Drake Versions) but he never said no to other characters. Personally, if and IF HE DECIDES to do a third, i would like to throw out a few characters can work in Nolan's movie-verse. They are
a)The Riddler (portrayed by David Tennant w/ hair dyed Red or James Franco)
b)Hush (portrayed by either Gerard Butler or even Justin Hartley)
c)The Mad Hatter (portrayed by Jim Carrey, Johnny Deep or
d)Mr.Zsasz (portrayed by Billy Zane)
e)Harley Quinn( Brittany Murphy)
f)Catwoman (Angelina Joile, [only if you play her off as manipulative, highly sexual and like Batman is the face whereas Bruce Wayne is the Disguise].

Any one else has opinions?