Sunday, September 28, 2008



I am allowed to withdraw from that terrible Music/Movement class due to the fact that it is not necessary for me to take, since I AM A LIBERAL ARTS/SECONDARY EDUCATION MAJOR!


i am super super happy!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the topic is odd i know but

one post following another right. Yea but I was reading CNN online, trying to read up on the Money Situation and what exactly is going down in all the sense of the word. Most people are nervous and for good reason but they should be even more nervous due to the fact that our nation and other nations have become an international interdependent conglomerate in span of 30 years.

What does that mean to the American people in small towns? It means that everything is connected to each in simple terms, the example is that the NYSE is connected to the LSE & they in turn are connected to the HKSE (which in a nutshell is New York Stock Exchange = London Stock Exchange = Hong Kong Stock Exchange) which connects to other Stock Exchanges all over the world, bringing it back into New Yorks' playing field. One gets hurt..and the other will slowly but surely feel the pain. And that is our situation right now.

No, i am not an economist nor am I rich bitch princess. I just happen to family in the business and i am a very observant person. AND one with a half a brain could have figured out exactly what i just wrote.

On the Track /*/*/*/*/ Off Track
I feel that our Government also should stop giving so much help to all of these companies due to the fact that...WE THE PEOPLE NEED THE MONEY MORE!!! HELP US YA KNOW! That money can be sent down to Texas and such, or even for programs. Yes I know, I know that with the money market that will be even harder to do. The Government should understand that they made the mess, they should get out of it....or they should have at least seen this coming up our asses, right? Mentioning government right now also brings in the fact that it is election season...AND NEITHER CANDIDATE IS RIGHT AND WILL BE THE BETTER PERSON! Obama's promises are nothing but dirty and empty. McCain, even though he is a republican, his ideas are okay but wont help in the long run..only the short run (which is about 6months to 3years).
Getting off Track /*/*/*/*/ Back on Track:

Another thing to be worried about is the greed that grew and grew for these Fortune 500 companies that are tanking and having to be saved by each other only to fall into ruin before being bought out by European and Asian Companies. Example 1: would be Barclay's buying Lehman Brothers. This can be taken in two ways, uno for this being good and having everything build up by tapping into some-what foreign markets or dos for being bad and having the financial problems that are affecting us, slowly start to affect the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern Markets. Slowly proving that what all good history lovers know and preach to people that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!" Honestly...HELLO RECESSION! That is where there is good possibility that we will be heading.

This is just making me crazy and nervous..since when we graduate...we are gonna have to deal with the job market for business and politics firstly and secondly for all the other jobs since...this money equals our our medical and insurance coverage and benefits will work out.

this is a really really really long post.
sorry to have rambled but I have a
five hour break inbetween my classes,
from 10:10am to 2:50pm, leaving me
with nothing to due, so i have decided to
be more active in my blogging. No matter
how mundane it may be or how exciting it
may be. Wishing Happy birthday to Nora and Jillian

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

hate being an education studies major!


stupid idiotic music movement and workshop class. I hate it with a passion. I DON'T WANT TO TEACH CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF ELEVEN!!! I really don't see why education studies majors have to take this stupid class. Specially ones who want to teach History.

God..basically the reason why i am flipping out is that we need to work for one hour a week with students and "teach" them music, while recording it on a tape recorder. Which I feel we shouldn't do..since its like an invasion and I wouldn't want that done to my child or children. Honestly, just let us watch the children and help out with the teacher and let us observe and take notes on it.

I have asked like three schools, and they were like "we would love to help you but we are unsure if we can allow you to record your session." I explained that it was like forty percent of my grade but they were like "no, but we would need to send out a letter and get permission and the teachers permission". I hate this. I hate it. I hate this class. Just let me do the art workshop and get over it.

Honestly...i am thinking of asking my adviser if I can drop the class and just sign up for the Art Workshop in the spring and just use that as credit. But probably that wont happen, since they wanna torture me and make me teach music to the age group of students, I really, really do not wanna teach.

argh .argh .argh .argh.
i just wanna pull my hair and scream out loud,
or maybe I should just switch majors and be a librarian?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a Hurricane and a Glass of MonaVie

Well. Well. Well. Look what the cat dragged in?
i love that saying, isn't quite catchy?

I am trying to think of something interesting or exciting in my life to write about but that hasn't happened yet. So i sit here with a glass of MonaVie & having my windows partially open to allow a mist of water to come through due to TS Hanna. Aren't I a lucky one? Blessing of living on a beach.

Due Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna, i am doing absolutely nothing this weekend. It is such a drag really. Once school starts and I have things to keep me wont be so boring. I will be able to go into NYC and do some serious shopping around. Be able to use a gym more often, since CUNY has one on most of their campus's. And gives me a chance to figure what the hell I want to do with my life after i move on to Brooklyn College.
Boy..this is where I miss not being closer in the vicinity to my bffl's who are at Adelphi, enjoying themselves and getting closer to each other whilst I am stuck in the sand hills of Rockaway Beach, still stuck in a small beach town.

So...with my obsession of General Hospital, i have been trying to do detective work to find out whats gonna be happening through spoilers and SPECULATION. And through what I have dug appears to be interesting and can definitely shake up Port Charles.
Example A: We all know that for the Sonny/Kate Fiasco Wedding, there family will be attending, along with friends, colleagues and enemies. But Enter Olivia Falconeri, Kate's dearest cousin with BOMBSHELL of a SECRET! :: insert big audience gasp::
Example B: With Laura giving her daughter strength and Lulu being called in as a witness for the trial of her lover-boy, the Mob Prince Johnny Zacchara, will she tell the truth of what happened or will she flee the country with the help of Big Brother Nikolas and Johnny?
dun dun dun

Felt like i should mention this because obviously none of my friends truly enjoy GH, like i do.
I ponder at what the secret could be that Olivia has. She did have a relationship with Sonny, so maybe she had his child and that child is known to Port Charles; or maybe telling Sonny that he and Kate had a child that she gave up for adoption before graduating college and moving on to a relationship with Trevor Lansing? Maybe, Maybe is my idea of what could go down.