Tuesday, October 28, 2008

its official!!!!!

I just got my official packet for Presidential Classroom 2009: The Inauguration!

And I am excited for this event, its gonna be soo good to see everyone again and to meet new people too. We are staying in a totally different place than we stayed at for the 2006 Presidential Classroom: Future World Leaders Summit. And I don't really have that much of rigorous schedule, so that means no 4am wake-up calls, or Hannah kicking me to wake up and trying not to crush Julie on the floor.

This makes me wonder who will be my roommates this time around, I use the plural because your normal crammed into a hotel room with two to four other roommates. I guess they didn't take into consideration that four girls in one hotel room with about 10 luggage cases and one bathroom would cause some major problems...but we got through it really, and made those 7 days more interesting than any other trip I had.

So off-track that was, but it relates I swear.
This program is special because it is open to Alumnae of PC of all ages, and that it is for the Inauguration of either McCain or(n)Obama to the seat of the POTUS(or President of the United States), and that I get to attend my first Black and White Ball. I am like over-excited!!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

No One Uppin!!!

Cute little title right?
and with the fact that it makes no sense it!
it is even better!
betcha you love the icon right..right?!?


Most random....very random...probbaly not. this is a filler post so Blehh-Boo-Bappp!

Monday, October 20, 2008

i have chosen my new tattoo

This year... I am getting another tattoo. Where..I am not so sure yet.
Curious to know what is it? You will probably have to wait, until I get it and tell you.

But enough of that. Last Year, after my graduation...I got one that wrapped around
my ankle, and it did hurt, So i wondered...if i wanted to get another one...what should i get?

I thought and though and I am down to three, but it is positive that i am getting another tattoo.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Heroes RPG Character (dork!!)


Name: Krystine O'Halloran
Age: 20
Ability:Sonic Manipulation
H/V: unknown but leaning towards Hero

History: Born to an family of Irish Immigrants, who left Ireland in the 1980's due to the Violence, and settled in New York. Her mother was born a medium and it ran throughout her family, her father had no abilities, and is the youngest of four siblings(all boys). Former Gymnast and Volleyball player.Attended a Community College at 17 and graduated at 20 with an Associate's degree Library Studies.

Krystine is slightly afraid of her powers due to the fact that when she had an argument with her mother, she shattered all the windows in a two mile radius.
Even though she is bit afraid of them, she accepts them as a part of herself, something that makes her special. With her petite frame of 5'4, the simple and modest Brunette likes that fact that she can blend in to the normal world.
Currently working as a Librarian in NYC and part time instructor at a sports club teaching Gymnastics to children.

Friday, October 10, 2008

"and the water was closing all around

like the love that had finally, finally found me
iin the crystalline knowledge of you
drove me like a magnet to the sea
how the faces of love have changed turning the pages and
ii have changed oh, but you...you remain ageless

and the water was closing all around
like the love that had finally, finally found me
iin the crystalline knowledge of you
drove me like a magnet to the sea"