Sunday, January 25, 2009

effin new post

hear ye, hear ye. i bringth new blog.

i have a new catchy title now. So currently it is the year 2009 and I had the chance to attended Obama's Inauguration with the most amazing people ever, my caucus 9 folks from Presidential Classroom. I love them all soo much and I really really really do miss them. See the things we did and went through, others don't go through so you get to make a bit of a connection. Waking up at like 2:30 in the morning to get on a bus and walk all around DC from like 6am till 2pm creates a bond of water breaks and bad blisters and the inability to walk in heels at your Inaugural Ball. So to my caucus 9 buds and everyone else I meet, and my roommates, i love all you <3!>

Well currently, I am in the process of planning my twentieth birthday party; which is in the process of choosing a concert or a comedy club, and the comedy club looks like it is winning since it will be much more doable for the people I want to be there for, and that means my AU girls and guys and maybe my cousin Kat
ye would wanna come. Anywhoo, i need to get everything figured since for all the places a reservation is a must when having parties over like eight people and all over age eighteen and we basically all are. And I am just really really excited to actually be able to sit down and watch a comedy show, wish I could drink but a fake id will solve that problem. and right now i am watching E and procrastinating my homework. ahh the life of the college student.

Monday, January 5, 2009

effin new year


its the new year already. 2009...can you believe it?! hardly a year to be excited about in my opinion.

i hate that i am slowly becoming not-so-excited for the new year to come, kinda find it redundant a bit? is that wrong that i really dont want to celebrate in the fact that I failed multiple times in 2008 and that there is an equal to greater chance that I will do only 15% better than last year. Welcome to my Life.

And i have heard so many people tell me that, "it get better with age"; "all the bad that happens know will one day bring you so much good"; ""its your stop moaning and do something"

it is sad and miserable but nice and peaceful. double oxymoron? i would gather to guess. I have come to learn that I say that I am gonna do this or I am gonna do that, and I give an attempt but it never works out and I try to do everything different and I dont get a change either. Am I doing something so cosmically wrong that this is my punishment!
I have given all my efforts and haven't had the chance to have any of my spoils.....other people get their spoils for their efforts. One example is that I try to eat health and work out to keep me healthy but then family events happen and it knocks me off my game plan and BAM...i fail, again. I am not the smartest, nor the prettiest, nor am I the one with the street smarts or brave even, those positions belong to others in my family.

You know the old nursery rhymes about the day you child is born.
I was born on a Monday (not on a Friday like I was lead to believe) and I definitely dont fit what it says.

"Monday's child is fair of face."
And that is not what I would describe myself. But it is what I want to be.
And like I promise to myself, that I am gonna make the changes and do what is necessary to make sure it stays...even If I have to some drastic things to make sure that it does happen, than I will. I would rather be pretty than healthy. it is sad to say but the unannounced pressure one side of my family gives off, is enough to drive any one crazy.

Wish me Luck that I succeed
and pray that I dont need to
take drastic measures.