Thursday, February 26, 2009

way down the lights are dim...

In 14 days, I turn 20.
Officially out of my teens and in to my phase 2 of the young adult years. And want to know something, I am not really that excited about it. Another hoo
ray and another year older according to the calender and my internal clock which hates me.

So..other than being the up and coming thing in my life, wanna know where my friends are going to take me to my 20th birthday? Amanda, my amazing bffl, rounded up some people and are taking me to LIPS! Yes, my friends are dragging me to a Drag Queen Restaurant in the city (website-
Gotta love my friends.
They know how to entertain me....these are my buddies from High School, so its also a reunion of sorts really and i am truly excited. AND on the same spectrum: The girls and guys from LI/AU are thinking of taking me to Lucky Cheng's (website- in the city, which is another Drag Queen Restaurant in the city, after my birthday (due to the fact that their spring break is during my birthday) and I will have most likely gone to not one but TWO DRAG DINING EXPERIENCES in one month. Boy, will it be an experience..and i get the ability to judge both, kinda.

I have also discovered the love of new artists [well new to me, old to some others] and these have been playing on my itunes for about a week straight. A few of them I ca
n name off the top of my head are
  1. Metisse,
  2. Belle & Sebastian,
  3. The Boy Least Likely to,
  4. The Bird and The Bee,
  5. Melissa Ferrick,
  6. Majandra Delfino,
  7. The Toadies
  8. Esthero
  9. hypercrush,
  10. honey honey,
  11. the Wombats, just to name a few!
Its kinda flowing from Indie, Alternative, Acoustic and Cabaret. With a smidge of the ever lovable and amazing John Barrowman, who really does have a good voice (and the fact that he is Captain Jack, is a plus plus!!!)