Friday, May 1, 2009

still trying to think catchy

Decided that it might be a good idea to start writing at the like the beginning and ends of the month now to keep up a rhythm of sorts, and to make sure that I will actually write about things that I find important.

Its still has been odd weather. And quite annoying as well. Its the end of April and we have been having messed up weather. It goes from 30 to 50 back to 40 to 70 and than down to 50 and than raises up to the mid 80 (this is all degrees). And as of right now...a killer rain storm! And i mean killer, its pouring down in an aggressive manner (if thats even possible). I keep hoping for a really really good thunder and lightening show tonight!

Okay, off that and now on to my schooling; everything has gotten significantly better, even Spanish! I also found out that for my Spanish credits to be passed onto Brooklyn College, I have to take Spanish II over the summer (another summer spent in class!) and I hope hope hope that i do not get stuck with the teacher I have now. History and Psych are going quite well, i just need to catch up on some last pieces of homework and papers and viola! Lastly is my Intro to Bio class. The professor is a funny old man but gives horrible lab tests, meaning the questions are so hard to answer since they are copied from a paper he hand writes on, and its the things you would never think to study, the final is cumulative, and TWO TERM PAPERS!!!!

I am planning a trip to the big library in the city to do a major haul-ass research trip. for the term papers.
Also this weekend, I need to finish my project on Spain and I also need to type up my Observation reports for psych. (they are being handed in late, still hope I do a good job though)

I bought myself a a tanning package at the local salon, 22 sessions to help my white-ass become tan for the summer!
it was nice to spoil myself!

Past this, this is where i need the help:
i am also doing an overhaul of working out tomorrow. Bikes, Weights, Stretches, Stationary Bikes and the oh so funny Dance Dance Revolution [i use it as a relaxer and something that is good for my legs]. If anyone has any ideas of what else I could or should do or use, please comment and help me out!