Friday, July 24, 2009


so this weekend, well sunday actually, is going to be my first hangout/get together with a few of the fabulous peeps at ONTD_Star Trek over on live journal. I am really excited because I've seen photos of other meet-ups and I always wanted to go because they looked like so much fun and now i have my chance.

Basically, we are going to brunch and than roam around and go back to one of the girl's apartments in the village to hang out and basically relax with Star Trek and some good times. Finally people who enjoy Star Trek, at least i wont get made fun of for liking it, and not just the movie...I am talking about the original series with Shatner and Nimoy & Kelly and the movies. So i'll talk more when thats over and done with.

drivers ed is coming along, although i am procrastinating. i do want to learn how to drive but i am not ready to actually take my road test. I need to practice some more and everyone who i would practice with as the idea that i'll be fucking perfect at it because my dad was like that. Guess what I am good at academics but I suck at driving....accept it as fucking facts okay AND we will all be happy in the long. I do not like that people are pushing me, it fucking sucks.

the summer is going pretty well although i need to send out my shit to SCSU and Brooklyn College again to transfer for the Spring Semester. Really should hop on that, shouldn't I?
Saw Transformers 2 & Harry Potter 6---- go see them!

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