Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is what my life has come down to

Basically here it goes. i've been talking to a few good people so far for the past two months or so, & i've discovered that the basis of our convo's involve movies, sex, twitter and star trek . so i decided to condense everything for prosperity's sake, and for my own because i read it and laugh so hard.

I forgot that IN AUSTRALIA PHONES FUCK UP THE DATE? THEN WHO WAS PHONE? APPARENTLY and dates fuck up your phone but only peripherally THATS BULLSHT THEY'RE PRECIOUS THAT'S WHY with pictures is sex a caricature though too if it weren't for physics and law enforcement, i'd be unstoppable oohhh, when mixing paint becomes fun..hmm way with words and probably a way with his tongue and like, keeping it in my pocket and I'd hit it I DROVE ALL NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT, TO GET TO YOU they’re the same character and pushed off the cliff known as Avant Garde while I lost my marbles and rode the pine pony at my local theater, it was fun brace? Brave. IT IS ah that suit is sweeeeet. Its so cracked out all do is giggle like a drunk because it was simply simple in its simple simplicity that happy rules unless you've done something retarded Still Sells Albums, YES DO IT That’s Why I WILL LATER but...I'm trying to read this. BUT he’s dead so how, he can't tweet? swoon and jizz PLEAAAAASE HAI HAI OMG in that photo LOOK AT HIS BUTTONS and and and STRIDE IS A CONDOM COMPANY for the DAZZLING DEADWARD CULLEN BY ATLEAST 4,OOO did not notice but "dude chill" I GOT THIS and kirk's all, "you've been punked!" taquitos! BECAUSE IT CAME WITH TEXAS TOAST AND GRAVY HOLLAAAAA ) amazing.wait no. exciting intense. well it's community college did not like read it in 1 day "and I AM COMPULSIVE when depressed" maigcal pretty things; I knowwww, I just wanna lick his lips I just wanna lick him. and i'd die a happy happy girl so quiet yeah odd LOUD NOISES poppin lol