Friday, November 27, 2009

movie rambles.

so i recently got back into the Trek fandom, after leaving it for a while and it made me really happy to be back in a fandom that is so accepting and incredible. it also helps that Star Trek is no longer something to hid about, with the successful reboot of STAR TREK from the director skills of JJ Abrams and his fantastic team of writers and producers, the casting of Chris Pine(Kirk), Zachary Quinto(Spock) and Karl Urban(McCoy) and the rest of the cast (because that was spot on).

as the rumors fly around about the sequel, who'd be brought in, which characters, which direction will it go and dabble in? As a fan and a fan of thriller based movies (not just horror, but movies that have an intellectual background), i'd like to see the writers take cues from the television show, primarily in the way of Conscience of the King(, City on the Edge of Forever (, The Immunity Syndrome (, Amok Time( just to give a few ideas out there and hopefully introduce more people to what started it off (the original television episodes in the 1960's).

with that ramble out of the way, here comes the next part of my rambling, which is prospective casting in the sequel for any characters they decide to bring in. Exception is that in Abrams' Star Trek, Chapel's name is mentioned but isn't seen, so i am ignoring that for "wishful" casting. Keeping it to TOS Characters to be brought in, these names pop up: Janice Rand, Lt.Christine Chapel, Lt.Dr.Jabilo M'Benga, Lt. Kyle, Lt. Kevin Riley, Lt. Gary Mitchell, and Lt.Commander Giotto and here are my wish actors or those i think would do a good guy (for reference, the new crew of the Enterprise are all in their early, mid, late twenties and thirties)

Why did I choose these actors, you're probably asking me but for me, its about the looks and how i see the characters from the TOS to changing in to possible Abram's characterization. And some of this may seem like extra fannish but whatever. I know the probability of this happening is slim and rare but doing this makes me happy.

Yeoman Janice Rand as Emma Rigby.

Lt. Christine Chapel as Bryce Dallas Howard

Lt. Dr.Jabilo M'Benga as Shemar Moore or Leonard Roberts or Noel Clarke

shemar___________ leonard______________ noel

Lt. Kyle as Russell Tovey

Lt. Kevin Riley
as Matt Cohen

Lt. Gary Mitchell
as Mark Lawson

Lt. Commander Giotto
as Mark Harmon